GoogleCTF 2018 Qual PWN EXECVE-Sandbox Write-up


After my tutorial on seccomp, thanks for Google CTF for providing such good challenges to learn something new about seccomp escape. Since I was unable to play in Google CTF in time. I think it is necessary to record the challenges.
This post will give the write-up for the execve-sandbox in GoogleCTF. And my write-up is based on [1] and [2]. Continue reading “GoogleCTF 2018 Qual PWN EXECVE-Sandbox Write-up”


Virtual Function


The virtual table is the key factor that achieves polymorphism in C++. This post will talk about the virtual table and its structure in C++. More particularly, I will introduce the virtual functions under Linux and Windows. All tests are done on 64-bit platform. 32-bit platform is a little bit different but the basic idea is similar.
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