Analysis on CVE-2015-5119


In this post, I will give a full COOP-like exploit based on CVE-2015-5119 as demonstrated on cover page. This post will contain two parts. The first part is about how to achieve arbitrary read/write primitive in 64-bit Flash. This part is based on [1][2] with some extra my own explanations. The second part is about how to achieve a COOP-like exploit with virtual function gadgets. I will discuss the dispatcher gadget, argument loading gadget and invoking gadget used in the exploit and pop up the calculator in the end. So I will skip the analysis of root cause of the vulnerability and focus on exploit development.
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Analysis on CVE-2016-9079


This is a use-after-use vulnerability in the firefox before 50.2 [1]. In this post, the exploit is a routine browser exploitation process. Since exploit [1] is a working exploit on windows platform, I rewrite the exploit to make it work on Linux platform and test some ideas on vtable reuse attacks. I use a chain of multiple virtual function gadgets to change memory protection and open a listening port or popping up calculator. The final exploit can be found on my github repo[3].
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MeePwnCTF 2018 Qual Pwn Coin Write-up


This is a very interesting challenge. Generally speaking, this is not a very hard challenge because its vulnerability is very obvious. However, this challenge is not that easy to exploit. First of all, the logic of the programme is very complicated and hard to reverse. Secondly, the exploitation involves multiple exploitation tricks in the end. Thirdly, the exploitation involves many double-to-integer conversion. Continue reading “MeePwnCTF 2018 Qual Pwn Coin Write-up”