Counterfeit Object-oriented Programming


This paper was published in Oakland 2015. In this paper, the author introduced COOP (Conterfeit Object Oriented Programming) to bypass the virtual table integrity check and coarse-grained CFI. In COOP, it takes a whole virtual function in C++ code as a gadget to launch the attack. Since the state-of-art CFI does not have a deep knowledge of the semantics of the binary code in C++ and the state-of-art vtable enforcement does not take vtable reuse attack into consideration, COOP attack is hard to be distinguished from benign execution of the program.
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VTint: Protecting Virutal Function Tables’ Integrity


This paper was published on NDSS2015. Virtual table hijacking is an attack to overwrite the virtual table pointer(vfptr) by utilizing the use-after-free or heap-overflow vulnerability, which finally hijacks the control flow of the program. In this paper, the author proposed an protection on the binary by instrumentation.
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