SemFuzz: Semantics-based Automatic Generation of Proof-of-Concepts Exploits


In this paper, the author finds that, besides the running status, the non-code descriptions in CVE and Linux git logs can also help the fuzzer to avoid unnecessary runs, saving a lot of time in the fuzzing process. In particular, we use the semantics-based approach (e.g., NLP) to automatically analyse the description and extract necessary information for feeding to the fuzzer.

Semantic Information Retrieving

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.49.06 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 4.55.07 PM
Generating parse tree
Retrieving affected version
Retrieving vulnerability type
Retrieving vulnerability function
Retrieving critical variables
Retrieving system call
Generating parse tree

Fuzzing Strategy

Coarse-grained Mutation

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.14.11 PM

Fine-grained Mutation

Given a vulnerable function f ∈ VUL with an entry point e. Suppose the patched code of function f is in the set of basic blocks PATCH = {p1,p2, …,pn }. Let KCOVB(s) be the set of covered basic blocks in a system call sequence s. For ∀b ∈ KCOVB(s), we de€fine its priority prio0 to a patched block p ∈ PATCH as:
Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 12.20.01 PM

Performance Evaluation

CVE SemFuzz  Syzkaller found by POC
 CVE-2015-0275  3.31h >48h Xiong Zhou X
 CVE-2015-1333  8.17h  37.26h  Tyler Hicks  X
 CVE-2015-5706  0.10h  >48h  Al Viro  X
 CVE-2015-6937  11.64h >48h  Vender  X
 CVE-2015-7872  11.32h 27.61h  Syzkaller  POC
 CVE-2015-7990  4.72h  21.54h  Sasha  X
 CVE-2016-0728  6.97h  42.81h  PPT  POC
CVE-2016-10147  31.96h  >48h Vladis Dronov  POC
 CVE-2016-3134  29.35h  >48h  Hawkes  POC
 CVE-2016-3841  9.44h  >48h Syzkaller  POC
 CVE-2016-4482  0.04h  >48h  Kangjie Lu  X
 CVE-2016-4794  5.51h 26.84h  Syzkaller  POC
 CVE-2016-6213  16.53h  >48h  CAI Qian  X
 CVE-2016-8646 38.29h  >48h Igor Redko  X
 CVE-2016-9793  17.05h  >48h  Syzkaller  POC
 CVE-2016-9794  23.16h  >48h Baozeng Ding  X
 CVE-2017-6074  10.91h 39.12h  Syzkaller  POC
 CVE-2017-6347  7.76h 41.83h Syzkaller POC

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